Yeela Avital – Soprano

Born in Jerusalem, the youngest of seven children. At the age of eight she joined the Ankor choir and became its youngest singer. Yeela traveled abroad with the choir where she was noted for her unique voice and on occasion performed as a soloist. Her unique talents shone as she gained a quiet notoriety with a following of fans who claimed that once her voice was heard it was never forgotten.
She continued studyingvoice while performing throughout Israel and abroad. Singing in the choir provided Yeela with a firm base that proved her with a valuable tool as a performer in the future.
Yeela also studied piano for ten years at the Music Academy of Jerusalem where her unique talents as a musician came to light. Playing the piano together with singing proved a huge value in the development of her voice and enhanced her ability to teach voice to her students.
Following two years of service in the Israel Defence Force, Yeela began formal studies in the Jerusalem Music Academy with a major in Vocals, a natural decision following the many years in the Ankor choir.
Yeela earned both Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees from the Rubin Music Academy in Jerusalem under the guidance of Pnina Schwartz, Miriam Meltzer, Marina Levitt and Efrat Ben Nun. She pursued advance studies at Minz in Germany and today is a lecturer at the High Academy of Music and dance in Jerusalem.
She has been awarded the coveted scholarship from the American Israeli Cultural Foundation annually since 1998 as well as the award for excellence in voice in the baroque style.
Today Yeela is known across the country as the outstanding singer in the field of Baroque . Her followers in Israel are many and growing in number as they loyally attend her performances.
Together with her fine technical abilities, Yeela is gifted with an outstanding musical talent which brings out the “heart of hearts” of the piece she is performing. Her singing creates a stir in the audience while an “outer being experience” is felt – the true meaning  art at its best.
Yeela  sings Israeli classics that include the works of Natan Alterman to the score of Sasha Argov, Leah Goldberg, songs written by Rachael and others. These works are performed together with the guitarist Roi Chen and occasionally with the ensemble “Baroqada”. The works have numerous renditions and with Yeela’s voice are known as unique classics.
Her repertoire ranges from antique to modern music and includes many of Bach’s cantons, Christmas masses ,st. matthew Passion and st. john passion and more. From works by Handel: The Messiah, Samson, Shaul, Gloria and others. Purcel: The Queen of the Fairies and many others. Mozart: Requiem and Large Mass as well as other works.
Yeela performs as a soloist in the Abu Gosh festival, the Kfar Bloom Festival, the Jerusalem international chamber music festival, The festival for Antique Music in York and Cambridge in England, The festival for Antique Music in Croatia  and the Mozart Festival in Germany where she won the acclaim of the critics.
She performs and records across the country as a soloist with the “Barokada” ensemble with whom she recorded the mottet Laudate Pueri by Vivaldi, the recording came out in 2007 as well as with the ensemble “Nobile” who specialize in antique music. She has produced a disc with the “Atar” trio titled “When the light in your window shines”. She has performed with many orchestras both in Israel and the world numbering the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, The Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, The israel Camarata, The Haifa Symphony Orchestra, The Israel kibbutz Orchestra, The Rannana Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Prague Orchestra and more. Singing under the baton of many that including Rene jacobs, Andrew parrott, Tim Brown, Mathew Holls, peter Schreire and more.
In September 2004, Yeela won the International Competition that was held in Belgium and in September 2008 she performed together with the “Novella” ensemble in the Festival for Antique music that took place in Croatia. This concert won wide acclaim and received the prize for the best concert performed.
In April of 2010 Yeela performed in the Wigmor hall in London and she was especially noted in the reviews of the performances.
Today Yeela continues to perform while teaching and raising her family in the outskirts of Jerusalem.